Sage Education Group

At Sage Education Group, we collaborate with families to identify academic
and therapeutic settings where an adolescent or young adult can grow intellectually,
emotionally and socially, and gain skills for a successful adulthood.

  • College Admission Advising

    It's an exciting moment, full of possibilities, when a student and family reach the college admission stage. Wherever you may be in the journey, we offer calm, experienced guidance through the admission process. Advising ranges from an overview of the process in early high school through pinpointing college options that are a good match for the student, and encouragement through the application phase. 

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  • Therapeutic and Emotional Growth Placements

    Adolescents face an array of developmental tasks - physical, emotional, intellectual, social - that can be daunting. Most teens negotiate these tasks with minimal disruption, while others need extra support. Adolescents may experience depression, anxiety, identity confusion, difficulty forming healthy relationships. 

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  • Specialized Learning Options

    Teens who struggle with learning and attention issues may benefit from placement in a school with expertise in learning disabilities. In some instances, such a school may be available locally. At other times, a boarding school can be particularly beneficial for the student with learning problems. The key is to identify the school whose approach matches the student's particular learning style, social maturity, and extracurricular interests.

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