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Young Adults

Intervention with Young Adults

“Getting to what we would generally call adulthood is happening later than ever.” So says Robin Marantz Henig, in a 2010 article in The New York Times Magazine. And so it seems from the stories of parents who seek counsel about the gifted daughter who flounders in college, or the sensitive son isolating with video games or drugs. For the parents of those who “fail to launch,” and often for the struggling adult children themselves, it may help to know that programs attuned to the needs of those over 18 are available. While in many ways similar to the offerings described above for adolescents, young adult programs recognize that their residents must join and participate voluntarily in these communities, a reality taken into account during the admissions process and throughout treatment. There are programs for a wide range of young adults, from those struggling with chronic emotional difficulties or substance abuse to those who appear simply “lost” and in need of engagement in life. The placement process is similar to that for adolescents, though most programs require an interview (usually on the phone) with a prospective student, and parents may opt not to visit programs prior to enrollment.