Sage Education Group

Specialized Learning Options

Teens who struggle with attention or a nontraditional learning style may benefit from placement in a school with expertise in learning disabilities. While this option may be locally available, a specialized boarding school may offer additional structure and support. The school may specialize in students with learning disabilities, or it may provide a strong LD support program while working with a more heterogeneous student body. Ideally, a school is able to address a student's particular learning style, social maturity, and extracurricular interests.

The clear daily structure of a boarding environment, including small classes, supervised homework time, and explicit attention to study methods and self-management, is helpful for many students who may have struggled in less supportive academic settings. With an appropriate balance of challenge and nurture, formerly tentative students can develop academic competence, greater independence, and a more positive self-image.

Jeremy and our family cannot thank you enough for being so positive and rescuing us from the very negative climate in which we once found ourselves.