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College Admission Advising

It’s an exciting moment, full of possibilities, when a student and family reach the college admission stage. Wherever you may be in the journey, we offer calm, experienced guidance through the admission process. Advising ranges from an overview of the process in early high school through pinpointing college options that are a good match for the student, and encouragement through the application phase.

What We Offer

The first step in helping a student and family with the college search is to listen. We listen to the student, trying to discern his or her strengths, needs, personality, level of motivation about college, optimal learning environment, and preferences for specific college characteristics. We listen to the parents, drawing out their insights, concerns, and preferences about the student and the college process. Then we put together a list of colleges that would be particularly worthwhile for the student to explore, ones where we believe the student would thrive. The colleges are presented on a customized spreadsheet that enables easy comparison of characteristics and statistics.

We offer advice about researching colleges, visiting campuses, interviews, and weighing the pros and cons of various institutions. 

Once the student has narrowed the list to a reasonable number of colleges that encompass a range of admission difficulty, we are available to walk alongside the student in the actual application process. We line out the steps in the process, discuss the advisability of applying through Early Decision or Early Action plans, brainstorm essay topics together, proofread essays, and provide a general calming presence throughout the admissions season. When admissions notifications have arrived and the student is considering his or her options, we can help with the final decision process.

Other Post-Secondary Guidance

Interim Year: Some students are not ready to go to college right after high school. We can advise on options for a gap year, including structured internship or travel programs, a postgraduate year at a boarding school, programs at sea, or volunteer work.

College Transfer: Some college students have found their initial college experience to be frustrating or inappropriate in some way. We can assist with the transfer decision, including an assessment of why the experience thus far was less than optimal, as well as the process of identifying options and applying to transfer to another college.

When to Begin the Process

For most students, the optimal time to begin a series of meetings for college guidance is partway through the junior year. Early on in the junior year, a meeting can familiarize the student and family with what to expect in the college search process. The consultant may sketch the current admissions landscape and describe what colleges are looking for when they evaluate students. Once the student has preliminary standardized test scores, such as the PSAT, the search for appropriate colleges can begin in earnest. It is certainly possible to begin working together later than the junior year, but the work will be more intense.

For students and families who would like to meet before the junior year, an occasional hourly meeting will serve to make sure that the student is on track for college, both in terms of curriculum choice and in exploring and following his or her interests.

College Consultant

Ann Montgomery is the college specialist at Sage Education Group. Click here for her biographical information. Ann will work personally with each college client.


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